Go Figure


Vote by which the state senate in Montana—known to magazine readers through the years as Marlboro Country—has agreed to outlaw smoking in all enclosed public places, including bars and restaurants. The other half of the legislature has already passed the bill, and the governor has said he will sign it. Such a widespread ban is currently in effect in only nine other states: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. Not everyone in Montana favors the ban. Said one Republican state senator: “Smoking is just plain stupid. But if this legislature decided to outlaw stupidity, I think two-thirds of us would be behind bars. I just don’t think we can legislate against stupidity.”


Cost per couple of the “Mile High Club” service being offered by San Antonio Air Tours. The small planes include a mattress behind the pilot’s seat and a curtain separating the couple from the pilot. “They can get a nice romantic flight, and they can do whatever they like in a private cabin,” says a company rep. Naturally, the service has its opponents. “It’s not at all what we would have in mind and not what we want,” said the city manager in Castroville, Texas, who doesn’t want Mile High Club activities originating from his town’s airstrip. “We’re a family-oriented airport.”