Go Figure


Amazon.com sales rank, at press time, of Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman, by Jamie Reidy. In the book, Reidy boasts about how little he worked and how much money he earned during his five years as a Pfizer sales rep. Reidy may have thought he was safe from any repercussions, as he left Pfizer for Eli Lilly more than four years ago. But last week Lilly fired Reidy, saying the actions he describes in the book are in violation of Lilly’s policies. Reidy says he doesn’t regret his actions at Pfizer or writing the book. “I can see where people may say it was unethical, but I was still making my numbers,” he tells the AP. “I didn’t think I was hurting Pfizer.”


Calories in Burger King’s new Enormous Omelet Sandwich. That may sound scary to you, but people in Wisconsin appear to have issued a collective shrug. “Head over to Kelly’s Bleachers,” advises Dennis Getto, the restaurant critic at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “For $18.95, you can get a 4-pound hamburger, served on a bun that’s custom-made by the Gonella Bakery in Chicago. Finish the burger, bun and accompanying fries as just two other customers have done before you and you get the burger for free.” The critic goes on to quote Kelly’s Bleachers owner Patrick Guenther: “It’s like eating 16 Quarter Pounders at McDonald’s. I’ve gone to McDonald’s and ordered two Quarter Pounders, but I never asked for 14 more.”