Go Figure


Years in a row that Rory Gillespie of Wauwatosa, Wis., has bought a classified ad wishing his wife, Judie, a Happy Valentine’s Day. Judie and friends just have a great time trying to guess which ad is Rory’s. This year, though, his amorous adventures hit a snag. His ad copy, which read, “Boopsie, We may have our heads in the clouds and our feets in the dirt, but I’ll keep buying you houses and cars just to lift up your skirt,” was deemed too racy by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Rory had to change it to “just to see you in a skirt.” “I guess I have reached a point in life where I am a dirty old man,” he said. “Or maybe I always was a dirty man and now I am just old.” Judie pointed out that Rory used the phrase “sleepee in your teepee” a few years ago without any problem at all.


Pounds that a Canadian schoolteacher says he has lost by following a McDonald’s-only diet, which he embarked on to show his students that the film Super Size Me is an opinion piece. Les Sayer says he’s down to 222 pounds, from 235, and his blood pressure has dropped to 134/73 from 136/88. “The big surprise for me was the blood pressure,” he said. The secret? Exercise. Sayer spends an hour in the gym doing cardio and weight training five to six times a week. “The magic here is in the exercise,” he said. “The average Joe doesn’t exercise.”