Go Figure


Days until the Republican National Convention opens in New York. In one ad for the convention, former mayor Ed Koch urges left-leaning New Yorkers to “make nice” when the GOP-ers arrive. But New York’s Vital Theater Co. has no intention of doing so. In an e-mail that was circulating among New York actors and directors last week, Vital floated the idea of a Thursday-night series this summer, tentatively titled, “Make Nice? My Ass!” “Based on a rather horrifying but sweet ad campaign being rolled out and funded by NYC and the Republican National Committee for the convention, Ed Koch says, ‘Make nice, New York!’ Oh, my GOD,” the e-mail reads. The theater is seeking “acts of all kinds,” and offers these suggestions: “Singing. Tapping. Political shenanigans. Short plays. Sword swallowers. Bubble dancers. Stand-up. Magic. Monologues. ANYTHING. Satire. Serious. Political or NON. Do something fab. DO IT.”


Liters of beer (equal to 450 12-ounce cans) that Czech Republic soccer players stand to pick up from the country’s Bernard brewery if the team wins the Euro 2004 tournament. “While they will earn a lot of money if they win, we think the offer of free beer on top is extra motivation for the team and will inspire them to go for gold,” a company rep said. The Czechs played in the quarterfinals of the tournament over the weekend.