Go Figure

12: Number of “giant Chee-to” items to pop up in an eBay search at press time. (Offerings ranged from an “original contemporary art giant cheeto” at 15 cents to the giantcheeto.com domain name for $19.99.) Some background: When Mike Evans discovered a bloated half-ounce Chee-to in a bag last week, he did the only logical thing and put it on eBay. Pranksters bid it into the millions, eBay canceled the sale, and Evans donated the Chee-to to an Iowa town that intends to put it on display. Chee-tos development manager Kevin Cogan weighed in, deeming the item “beyond dangerously cheesy.”

20: Number of pounds of marijuana received last month at Arnold’s McLean, Va., office. A mailroom employee opened the package, which had no addressee, and the police were called. “The biggest joke is the irony of an ad agency getting 20 pounds of pot,” says Ken Umansky, president of the Havas-owned shop. “The creatives don’t need it.” Umansky says the mailroom might have served as a dropoff point for outside dealers.

Source: CNN.com