Go Figure

8: Approximate number of months ago that Shoptalk ran into Ben Curtis, the Dell Dude, at the Rodeo Bar in New York. We were there to see a band called the Jimmy Nations Combo, whose drummer is a friend of ours from Billboard, a floor below Shoptalk HQ. Nothing illegal ensued, as far as we could tell, although the Dude’s posse did decide it would be amusing to chuck peanuts at the stage, angering said drummer, who told them, “If one of them hits me, someone’s gonna owe me a Dell.”

3: Number of steps to finding agency love, according to a Valentine’s-themed new-business kit from Forza Marketing in Little Rock, Ark. It includes this advice for newly single companies: “Don’t pounce on the first Dolce & Gabbana-suit wearing, Palm-toting, Chai drinking, I-just-stepped-out-of-a-Vidal-Sassoon-ad [agency] that comes along. Take your time.” Those brands presumably will.

5: Number of episodes of the new reality show Who Wants to Marry My Mom? that will air this spring on NBC. Five too many, perhaps.