Go Figure

2,000-2,500 Number of bottles of Tonya Hot Sauce that John Farmer of Portland, Ore., has sold in the past two years. The product’s label shows Tonya Harding outside a trailer, smoking, with ice skates in one hand and a hubcap in the other. “Not for the weak-kneed,” it reads. “Guaranteed to assault your taste buds.” Harding’s many legal woes in recent years have Farmer ecstatic. “When she does something really stupid, I sell extra cases,” he says. Harding is considering legal action.

15 Age of Andrea Boyes of West Salem, Ore., who raised money for her cheerleading squad by selling her own bottled water around school—until Pepsi, which has a deal with the school district, squashed her plan. “Isn’t this a clear case of exploitation—that they get wind of this girl and they fear it’s going to cut into their profit margin?” asks one teacher.

113 Age of Mary Christian, the oldest American, according to the Gerontology Research Group, and a big fast-food fan. She regularly ate KFC and Twinkies until she was 111.

Source: AP