GM Gets Seville-ized

General Motors’ Cadillac division will spend more to advertise its new Seville this model year than it has ever spent on any single vehicle in previous years, according to Edward Berger, Seville brand manager.
Spending levels for the ’98 model Seville will be 40 percent higher than for the ’97, Berger said. GM spent $54 million on Seville advertising during the ’97 model year (September 1996 through August 1997), according to Competitive Media Reporting, which would place ’98 expenditures at approximately $75 million.
The Seville media plan includes extensive network and cable TV programming, Berger said. For example, the automaker has bought slots on all of NBC’s Thursday prime time shows during one week.
A similar buy was made for one week of ABC’s Wednesday prime time programming.
D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, Troy, Mich., is Cadillac’s national agency.
National TV spots and magazine ads break the week of April 6. The campaign introduces a new themeline, “It’s what’s next,” emphasizing the car’s many new innovations, Berger said.
Two of the spots, along with teaser print ads, broke last week in four key markets: New York, Los Angeles, Miami and West Palm Beach.
Three 30-second TV spots feature celebrities in humorous situations to convey the sense of control the Seville provides. Patrick Warburton, who plays Elaine’s boyfriend Putty on Seinfeld, appears in two of the three ads. Gregory Hines, star of his own sitcom, also appears one spot.