Glamour’s Publisher and CRO Designed Her New Office With Nods to Paris and Nantucket

When Connie Anne Phillips returned to Condé Nast to serve as Glamour’s publisher and chief revenue officer, it was a homecoming of sorts. After a 14-year career at Vogue, Phillips left Condé for a four-year stint at InStyle before rejoining in 2013 to assume the top sales position at Glamour. She didn’t have long to settle in before the office moved downtown to One World Trade Center. With a new blank canvas, Phillips was meticulous and thoughtful in curating a space that would make her feel happy.

“The idea was to create a chic space with a sense of happiness and warmth,” she said. “I wanted to look around the office and see things that make me happy, such as the trunk, a picture of my sister’s French bulldog, my nephew and my favorite note from my dad. It’s about creating an environment where you feel your best so you can do your best work.”



Phillips wanted her office to be a reminder of her two favorite places: Nantucket and Paris.


Jar Collection

Phillips collects ginger jars. “You should see my apartment,” she said, “Everything is bright and blue and hot pink.”


Award Winner

When Phillips started her career at Vogue in 1995, she dreamed of winning the Condé Nast CRO/Publisher of the Year Award, which she did in 2014.


Tremendous Trunk

The Glamour publisher brings a piece of Paris to her office with the Louis Vuitton trunk. She says it reminds her that everything is possible. When she purchased the trunk, she never thought she’d be able to write a check that big.


Here and There

The top photo is by fashion photographer Horst. Underneath is a bridge in Ireland located in her grandmother’s hometown. “Where you came from and where you want to get to are two things that are important to always keep in mind,” she said.

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