Give Those Icons A Rest

The creatives at TBWA\Chiat\Day may not appreciate Fuse’s vulgar parody of their iPod campaign, but when it comes to disrupting their own icons for fun, the sense of humor can easily SHIFT_ into overdrive.

To advertise the TBWA\Chiat\Half\Day Bash, an agency party set for this Thursday afternoon, executive creative director Rob Schwartz and cohorts invented a logo (“24-7-364.5”) and monkeyed with some of the shop’s most famous images to get across the idea of relaxation. An Adidas spoof with Muhammad Ali reads, “Impossible is a dare. Impossible is an opinion. Impossible is taking a half day at TBWA\Chiat\Day.” Ball Park’s Frank character lures employees to the backyard with the slogan, “It’s a 100% USDA meat and greet.” Nissan recommends that attendees “SHIFT_into neutral.” And as the ads here show, the Energizer Bunny has his battery removed (he keeps dozing and dozing …), while the iPod dancer takes a siesta on the dance floor. Schwartz even had the chutzpa to play around with the sacred wisdom of Jay Chiat. A T-shirt reading, “Good enough is not enough,” has the “good” and “not” crossed out, leaving, “Enough is enough.”

“There is a perception around here that we’re TBWA\Chiat\Day and night,” says Schwartz. “This party proves we have heart!”