Gimme A ‘T’; Gimme A Break

Cheerleaders are rarely accused of being brainy, but a playful ploy by the models hired to serve as Miller Lite cheerleaders during Super Bowl week wound up getting the brand an extra inch of publicity.
Miller Lite’s Super Bowl cheerleader search promotion–supported during the NFL season by two TV spots from Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis, featuring a cheesy rock band–yielded eight winners. They and their guests won Super Bowl trips that included a cruise from Los Angeles to San Diego, accommodations aboard the ship and tickets to the game.
For purposes of Super Bowl week promotions, Miller hired actresses to pose as the cheerleaders. Tired of standing in the proper order to spell “LITE,” the girls lined up at Miller’s NFL Player of the Year news conference as “TILE.”
“They did it on their own,” Miller spokeswoman Gina Shaffer said. “They were talking about how they had to stand in order all the time and figured, if Miller Lite wants to be so unexpected, we can spell something else.”
Publications including the Chicago Tribune noted the alleged gaffe in a humorous light. “Had they not done it, I’m not sure we would have gotten the attention,” Shaffer said.
–Trevor Jensen