Gillette Talks To Latino Shops

Seeks Different Ideas To Reach Hispanics
DALLAS–The Gillette Co. in Boston has contacted a handful of Latino advertising agencies about undisclosed branding work targeting U.S. Hispanics.
“This is not a formal review,” said Eric Kraus, Gillette’s director of communications. “We have a family of agencies and from time to time we look at other capabilities that are out there.”
The contacted shops had not surfaced at press time, but sources said Texas agencies were among those on Gillette’s initial list. The discussions are expected to continue through November.
For the past two years, Gillette has assigned Hispanic marketing to Vanguard Communications, a New York shop specializing in multicultural assignments.
BBDO in New York is responsible for Gillette’s general market account.
Kraus said the search may or may not affect Vanguard’s work on Gillette’s shaving products and antiperspirant line.
Kraus declined to name the shops contacted or discuss specific advertising plans. He said Gillette spends about $2 million annually on Hispanic marketing initiatives.
According to sources, Gillette is considering a promotional campaign that would begin in 1999. The effort would incorporate both the men’s and women’s lines of grooming products that are available from the client.
The company makes and markets Sensor, Trac II and Mach3 shaving razors as well as Right Guard antiperspirant.
Gillette launched a $200 million global advertising campaign for the new Mach3 in August.