Giant Brain Spotted In N.J.

How to convince kids science is fun, and even harder, how to draw New Yorkers to a museum in New Jersey? The answer: erect a 15-foot high fiberglass brain beside a major highway.
Commissioned by New York’s Pedone & Partners for the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City and currently en route from Florida, the jumbo lobes will be mounted on a billboard (shown here) at the Jersey entrance to the Holland Tunnel.
The ad is the latest execution in a campaign for the LSC inspired by pulp science-fiction movies and novels of the 1940s and ’50s. “It took over my brain!” follows “It crawled across my fingers” (for the LSC’s bug zoo) and “The incredible 88 Ft. screen” (for its Imax theater).
Although the colossal cerebellum may stop traffic, it could have been worse.
“We were trying to get it to pulsate,” said creative director Tom Cook. “But there were some concerns from the New Jersey motor vehicles department.”
-Emily Fromm