GGC&Y Streamlines Ad Message For Delta Dental Plan of California

SAN FRANCISCO-Gardner, Geary, Coll & Young here spices up and simplifies a decades-old tagline for Delta Dental Plan of California in a statewide branding campaign, breaking Feb. 18 with a new 60-second TV spot.
The streamlined phrase “We keep you smiling” replaces the old version, “We have a plan to keep you smiling.” The theme of the campaign is, “No one protects you like Delta Dental.”
“It was time to come up with something more relevant and up-to-date, that would stick in the minds of consumers,” said Gayle Geary, GGC&Y vice president and director of marketing services. “The whole point of the campaign is to get [employees] to go to their employers and ask, ‘Hey, do we have Delta Dental?'”
Two of GGC&Y’s previous spots for the client were picked up by Delta Dental affiliates in several other states. One spot, featuring a circus performer who uses her teeth to spin from a bar high above the ground, is airing on CNN. GGC&Y expects the new spot, the client’s first 60-second effort ever, to get the same attention.
“We are dealing with a very dry category,” said Matt Hofherr, the agency’s director of new business. “Suddenly there’s a company [like Delta Dental] willing to use humor and push the boundaries, and people are taking notice.”
GGC&Y’s latest spot features the Greek wedding of “Helen” and “Dimitrius.” Two men compete to be recognized by the wedding party as the strongest man. One man shows off by picking a chair up by his teeth. The other man shames his opponent-and impresses the bride-by lifting the table holding the wedding cake and dishes with his pearly whites. An elderly woman, clad in black, assures the shocked crowd, “It’s OK. He’s got Delta Dental.”
The client, which is the largest member of the national Delta Dental Plans Association, spends at least $4 million annually on advertising in California, according to Competitive Media Reporting.