Get Fashionable With Taxi Tops

Taxi tops are getting cooler. Wireless and GPS can deliver everything from sports scores to info about up-to-the-minute lunchtime sales, all customizable block-by-block. Clear Channel is even at work on “Smart Tops,” which would have three LCD screens and feature Flash animation.

Or, if you’re Glamour, you can do it the old-fashioned way: by volume. For the month of March, the magazine will own 60 percent of the taxi-top inventory in New York—that’s 3,000 cabs, a figure Glamour says is a record. What’s the special occasion? The big March fashion issue, for one. Glamour partnered with that issue’s advertisers for most of the taxi ads: They’ll feature the participating advertisers’ creative, along with the tagline, “Get Glam,” and the March issue’s cover. Clients including Calvin Klein, Bebe, Charles David, Hugo Boss and Moschino Couture are on board.

Some of the ads will trumpet Glamour’s 800th issue, coming in September. The theme: “Glamour is …” Celebs including Katie Holmes, Queen Latifa, Penelope Cruz and Kelly Ripa will finish the sentence with their interpretations of glamour’s essence.

It may not prove any easier to catch a cab, but Glamour publisher Bill Wackermann hopes the cabs catch your eye. “Under Cindy [Leive], the edit couldn’t be stronger,” he says. “We figured it was a good time to celebrate Glamour’s renaissance.”