Gelling Together

Plus-size model Jerri Morrison is no 21-year-old sylph. And that’s just what New York agency Kraftworks and client Playtex like about her.

Neil Kraft, founder of Kraftworks, described Morrison’s looks as being “aspirational but age-appropriate.”

“She really does speak to a 35-year-old,” said Fran Braun, vp of marketing for Playtex in Westport, Conn.

In point-of-sale and outdoor work, a TV spot, and a billboard going up in New York’s Times Square at the end of October, Morrison is gracing the introductory campaign for Playtex 18 Hour’s new gel-comfort strap technology.

Playtex is targeting the “35-plus” woman with the campaign, Braun said. The TV spot, which breaks during the last week in September, features Morrison in a black bra against a white background, while gel bubbles float in the foreground before melting into the straps of the bra. The line “Playtex 18 Hour” appears at the end of the spot.

Four outdoor executions running on taxi-tops and point-of-sale work appearing in department stores feature Morrison against a white background and lines such as “Your strength digs deep. Your underwire shouldn’t.”