Ge Promotions Mark 120 Years Of Light Bulbs

General Electric’s GE Lighting unit in Cleveland will use the 120th anniversary of the invention of the light bulb to launch a series of promotions touting, and explaining, its wide array of lighting products.
“The initial idea was to look at production and calculate the number of light bulbs GE has manufactured in 120 years,” said Phil Zak, special program developer at GE. “That quickly proved impossible. Instead we’re using the 120th anniversary as a broad umbrella for a number of consumer education and education-related programs.”
These will include an instant-win promotion, with computers as prizes, beginning in July; a program, running from October 1998 through March 1999, allowing elementary school children to redeem UPC codes from GE lighting products for computer equipment; and a “Kids are bright” essay contest for children in grades 4-8.
A new animated bulb character will appear on packaging for GE lighting products and in 4 million in-pack booklets designed to help consumers better understand “which bulb to use in which socket,” said Bill Masonis, GE manager of consumer programs.
“GE offers hundred of styles, which can be confusing for consumers,” Masonis said. The series of promotions “is intended to educate consumers on lighting options while demonstrating GE’s commitment to education.”
GMR Marketing in New Berlin, Wis., is handling the promotional programs for GE. Print ads from BBDO, New York, supporting the consumer promotions will run in Better Homes & Gardens’ specialty magazines and other home improvement consumer titles such as This Old House and Family Handyman.
GE’s longstanding tagline, “We bring good things to life,” continues, with “Light styles for lifestyles” added as a themeline on packaging and in some advertising. A special logo spotlighting the 120th anniversary also appears in ads.