Fujifilm “Zoom”

In the age of the digital camera, it’s important to realize that people seldom actually look at the photos they take. Those end up gathering digital dust. The fun pretty much begins and ends with the taking of the pictures, especially if they’re family snapshots. A rather goofy-looking spot for a series of Fujifilm cameras is in sync with that tendency. Focusing on the cameras’ long-zoom capabilities, the spot shows a mother taking zoom-in shots of her child and husband as the latter two cavort in an unreal-looking landscape of grass and flowers. Father and child are having fun hamming it up for the camera; mom is having fun playing at cinematic auteur as she has the camera zoom in on the action. I doubt whether anything in the spot will leave you feeling that Fujifilm’s camera takes superior pictures. But it seems fun and unintimidating to use, which for many consumers is a bigger selling point than refined technical features. The family is having a grand old time, and the Fujifilm camera is plainly a big part of it. That makes the commercial useful for the brand, even if it’s no creative gem.–Mark Dolliver