Freeze Frame

Seeking an unconventional approach, New York agency Merkley Newman Harty hired two photographers from Iceland to shoot a new TV and print campaign for Oxford Health Plans.
Known for snapshots of pop stars such as Green Day, Einar Snorri and Eidur Snorri (no relation) also have dabbled in TV advertising. Typically, they shoot stills and transfer the images to film. For Oxford, however, they shot film and edited out frames to achieve a picture-book feel.
One spot (shown here), which broke this month, shows three children playing on a swing set. A boy leaps, only to be caught in midair. Next to him, in white type, is the word, “Dare.” Another spot shows a man standing at an intersection. As he enters the street, “Explore” appears on the crosswalk. Each ad is backed by quirky music and ends with a shot of the Oxford logo. The tagline: “There is another way.”
Previous advertising touted offerings such as acupuncture and 24-hour care. The new tack is designed to show just how “different” Oxford is, said agency account planner David Terry.
-Andrew McMains