FreeScore Goes by the Numbers is launching a campaign from Dailey & Associates that personifies credit scores.

The “Three Score Guys” series, which is running in addition to the company’s commercials starring Ben Stein, stresses the importance of consumers getting their scores from all three credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

In one spot, a man trying to buy a car finds out one of his scores is “going to be a problem” when the dealer researches his credit and finds two high scores — shown as fit leotard-wearing guys — and a low score, portrayed by a dumpy, ear-picking guy who wears a horror-movie hockey mask.

“This campaign reminds people that checking one score is not enough,” said Phil Sandler, vp of marketing of FreeScore. “One bad score can affect a person’s loan prospects and raise the cost of borrowing money.”

The ads, said the company, are in direct response to a May credit awareness survey of 1,000 consumers that found 57 percent did not realize they have three major scores in their credit profile.

The site offers the information at no cost when consumers sign up for a trial. “It is critical in these tough financial times for consumers to realize that they have easy-to-use, affordable access to their credit scores and profile,” said Bruce Miller, CEO of Dailey. spent $57 million in measured media in 2009, and $46 million from January to May of this year, per Nielsen.