Names New Band

Experian this week said its final goodbye to the popular band. The Victorious Secrets, a pop-rock band from Detroit, was chosen as a replacement to appear in future ads.

As previously reported by Brandweek, Experian is shifting its focus from credit reports to credit scores. The Victorious Secrets will be the face of new ads for, a Web site Experian launched earlier this year. The credit bureau is not shutting down, but rather, spotlighting the new site as its “premier brand.”

The Victorious Secrets was chosen after entering Experian’s contest online. In addition to online submissions, the contest included a nationwide band search in three cities—New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

“One of the major goals of this campaign was to get the public directly engaged,” said Chris Moloney, svp and CMO of Experian’s U.S. consumer direct unit. “Therefore, it’s so right that The Victorious Secrets are the new band . . . We think America will embrace them just as the voters have.”

The band will star in an upcoming ad campaign, via The Martin Agency. New TV spots—part of a $10-$15 million effort—will debut during the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 13.
Meanwhile, Experian is phasing out the old band, which appears in a final ad that bids the band farewell. The ad is a mashup of a commercial, where the current band is playing at a Renaissance Fair.

Experian spent $72 million advertising in 2009, excluding online, per the Nielsen Co. Through June of this year, the brand spent $14 million on ads for, and $19 million on