Frankel Profiles Deeds of AMA Members

CHICAGO The American Medical Association is launching a $20 million television, print and radio campaign from Publicis Groupe’s Frankel that promotes the organization by touting the accomplishments of its membership.

The campaign seeks to convey to both the public and doctors that the AMA is “committed to helping doctors help patients.” The work includes a new logo that was created by independent TimeZoneOne in Chicago.

The AMA is battling dwindling membership. In addition to positioning MDs as heroes, the campaign will embrace doctor-friendly issues such as changes to the Medicare system that are favorable to physicians.

“Physicians and the medical profession need a visible champion,” said Gary Epstein, the Chicago-based AMA’s chief marketing officer. “We want physicians and the American public to understand that, at its core, the AMA is committed to helping doctors help patients.”

The campaign will talk about the accomplishments of individual AMA members. A print ad, scheduled to run in USA Weekend, tells of a doctor’s dedication not only to his 25-year-old testicular cancer patient, but how he was available for the whole family during treatment.

Publicis’ Starlink handled media buying.