Fox TV Nixes Hill Super Bowl Ad

Fox Broadcasting Co. last week rejected a creative concept presented by Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos intended for the Super Bowl.
The proposed 30-second spot for HotJobs, based in New York, featured a worker in a circus tent sweeping up after a performance. An elephant backs up and sits down on the worker. There are flatulent-sounding effects. The final scene is of a broom clanking to the floor.
A representative for Fox TV said only that “a man being sucked into the anus of an elephant is not in good taste.”
No other storyboards intended for this year’s Super Bowl, which will air Jan. 31, have been turned down by the network, the representative said last week.
One network source dismissed the rejection as a bid for free publicity. HotJobs executives make no secret of their desire to get what they consider value-added publicity from their decision to advertise on the Big Game. Consequently, they faxed reporters copies of the letter Fox TV sent to the agency.
In fact, the small upstart company is hoping the Super Bowl publicity will help justify spending its entire marketing budget on a single spot. HotJobs has purchased one 30-second spot on the telecast. Hill, Holliday is now back at the drawing board, working on a new concept for the first-time TV advertiser.
Also booking time on this year’s annual football and ad extravaganza is the Monster Board in Maynard, Mass. It could not be determined at press time if its ads had been subjected to the approval process.