Fort Franklin Takes Sugarbush

BOSTOn—Sugarbush Ski Resort has assigned its estimated $2 million account to Fort Franklin following a review.

The Boston shop de feated New York’s Di Massimo Brand Advertising during the final stage of the competition, according to Marc Gallucci, president and creative director of Fort Franklin.

“We are definitely the right type of agency for them,” said Gallucci. “A lot of our case studies show our experience [building brands]. That got [Sugarbush] excited about what we can do for them.”

During the final portion of the review, Fort Franklin presented three different concepts for the Warren, Vt.-based vacation facility.

Fort Franklin has been charged with crafting a rebranding campaign, including a new tagline, logo and Web site. Sugarbush is the agency’s first foray into the resort category.

Efforts for the up coming ski season is ex pected to begin breaking soon and will include mostly print and collateral work; broadcast is also a possibility.

At the start of the review, Jill Whysel, Sugar bush director of marketing, said she was “looking for an agency that can think in unconventional terms.”

Fort Franklin’s client roster in cludes Cider Jack Hard Cider, Kangol, Gadsby Hannah and Army Bags.