Forecasting Women’s Online Summer

It’s not an outdoorsy pastime of the sort one associates with summer. But use of the Internet is now so embedded in daily life — whatever the season — that we needn’t be surprised to find a report that examines the online activities women will engage in this summer. Unicast issued such a study last week, based on polling conducted online in late May among female members of an opt-in panel.

Asked to pick (from a menu of choices) the things they’ll do online this summer, 76 percent cited “connect with friends and family.” Sixty-seven percent will go online to “keep up with the news,” 64 percent to “shop for sales and/or compare prices,” 59 percent to “entertain themselves” with games, music or TV/movies, and 48 percent to “look up entertainment options (summer movies, events in my area, sports).” Forty-three percent will “research or plan travel and vacations.”

In the course of their online pursuits, 75 percent said they’ll use search engines. Sixty percent will go to shopping/classified-ad sites, and the same percentage will use online social networks/forums. The survey also inquired into the women’s interest (or lack of interest) in different sorts of online advertising. The chart here gives a sense of the categories whose online ads engage the women’s attention.