Fond farewell

J. Walter Thompson executives couldn’t simply say goodbye to Jill Rhiner with a handshake and a hug.

Instead, the Chicago shop created a billboard to bid farewell to Rhiner, who served as management director on the Blockbuster account. She worked at the agency for more than a decade.

“Sending flowers just wasn’t enough for our Jill,” the billboard reads. A caricature of Rhiner shows her carrying a yellow rose—Texas’ state flower and home to Blockbuster, where Rhiner spent a great deal of time. Art was courtesy of staff caricaturist and group creative director Jeff York.

The idea for the send-off came from Scott Parks, Blockbuster’s vp of advertising, and the company funded the sign. Blockbuster and JWT logos appear at the bottom of the billboard, which will be located on the Stevenson Expressway.

Rhiner will return to the agency this week for a farewell party. Her husband will likely reveal the surprise to her on Monday while driving down the expressway, York said.

JWT has designed similar billboards for other departing employees.