Fleet Touts ‘Smarter Decisions’

BOSTON FleetBoston Financial has launched a $30 million program that positions New England’s largest bank as a partner that can help consumers make wise decisions about money and investing in these challenging economic times.

“Fleet’s commitment addresses the urgent need for improved financial understanding among consumers,” said Anne Finucane, chief marketing officer of FleetBoston, in a statement. “Americans across all income and education levels are confused and unsure of how to juggle multiple financial priorities.”

The program includes initiatives such as the publication of a book, Making Your Money Work for You, which addresses topics of interest to consumers of all income levels and a Web site, fleet.com/smarterdecisions, which includes money management information and tools; $3 million in donations to nonprofit groups; a seminar series; and a promotional campaign designed to raise awareness of the need for financial education.

FleetBoston has assets of nearly $200 billion and spends about $50 million annually on ads, mainly through Interpublic Group’s Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos in Boston. Ads in recent years have been tagged “Forward. Thinking.”