Runners focus on the challenges and foibles of competition in a Nike campaign that coincides with the 106th annual Boston Marathon.

Though not an official sponsor, Nike for the second consecutive year features the race as a campaign centerpiece. Ads were crafted by Wieden + Kennedy, Porland, Ore.

More than a dozen print executions are appearing—some would say dominating—in Boston’s Back Bay public transit station, about two blocks from the marathon’s finish line. The ads, whichpicture runners before and during the race, feature captions such as”If it goes bad, I’ll call it a workout” and “I want to be in the top 10. Okay, 15.”

Other thoughts are more graphic, such as “Where are the port-o-johns?” and “Bloody nipples are a trophy,” referring to a common side effect from shirts rubbing against bare skin.

“These are the thoughts runners have before, during and after the race,” said Nike representativeBeth Gorny.

The ads are running through the Boston Marathon on April 15.