Is the flea circus a hoax, or has it just been

Is the flea circus a hoax, or has it just been too small to see this whole time? An ad running on Hewlett-Packard’s Web site claims that, thanks to HP’s “wobulation” TV technology—which allows for a digital image to be projected at double its resolution—”astounding new clarity reveals it has been true all along.” The animated film, created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco and Bent Image Lab in Portland, Ore., shows fleas being shot out of cannons and attempting to jump through a ring of fire. Part of an online campaign, banner ads went up on various sites in October that urge consumers to do online searches for “Wobulation,” and find the short film that way. “The flea circus film was almost created as a little added bonus for the people that took the effort to find us,” says copywriter Hartley Rusen, who worked on the campaign with art director Marc Sobier.