In-Finn-Ity Giving Direct Chills

Infomercial Promotes Hitchcock Video Set
LOS ANGELES–Infomercial company In-Finn-Ity Direct is working with Universal Studios Home Video on promoting “The Alfred Hitchcock Centennial Collection,” a 13-title release.
The infomercial uses the same entertainment show format In-Finn-Ity pioneered for MGM/
UA’s 1996 film Golden Eye and James Bond library of videos. Hosted by E! veteran Steve Kmetko, the Hitchcock program lures late-night viewers with a mix of interviews, trivia, testimonials and film clips–punctuated by the pay-as-you-go direct offer.
“We’re focusing on the hard-core fan, the suspense film fan, the regular movie buff and younger people who never grew up with Hitchcock,” said Terry Finn, president of the Beverly Hills, Calif., agency.
The Universal City, Calif., client is putting about $1 million behind the program, which broke nationwide a month ago and will air through August.
In-Finn-Ity previously developed an infomercial for Warner Bros.’ Lethal Weapon films, and aims to get more studios to experiment with the form.
“If you’re spending $20 million to promote your film, put $1 million of it into a program like this,” said Finn. “When done correctly, each dollar spent earns $2 back.”