Film School Of Hard Knocks

The Independent Film Channel has followed up its “Christie” campaign with another memorable character: “Boris,” a cantankerous Russian film professor.
Inspired by real New York University teachers, Boris berates students such as Rosie Perez, Christian Slater and Brendan Fraser when their ideas sound like “Hollywood crap.”
Boris (shown here) was created by Hungry Man, the production company responsible for precocious art-house auteur, Christie. Writer, director David Levin helped cast Roman Tokar, a 52-year-old Ukrainian ƒmigrƒ.
Tokar, who acted in his native Odessa’s community theater and works as a building manager at a midtown office, is enjoying his new fame. “My tenants bought a TV and VCR” to watch the entire reel, he said. “They were very impressed.”
Lest he become too “Hollywood,” Tokar’s Russian neighbors in Brooklyn will keep him grounded. “They say, ‘That’s the guy I drink vodka with!'” –Emily Fromm