Fidelity’s Return on Investment

Arnold’s first multimedia effort for Fidelity Investments expands on themes from the client’s previous ads with one key difference: “We shift the camera [from split screens showing] Fidelity reps and consumers [in order to delve more deeply] into the consumers’ lives,” said Arnold managing partner Jay Williams.

Fidelity’s “Personally invested” campaign began rolling out nationwide last week.

The goal, according to Williams, is to show the role Fidelity’s services can play in “smart investors’ ” lives. Split-screening and other arty trappings employed by Fidelity in its “See yourself succeeding” campaign, which ran for two years, are discarded in favor of a more naturalistic approach, which takes the form of real people discussing their investment needs, concerns and strategies.

One 30-second commercial features investors—men and women of varying backgrounds and ages—each speaking a few lines of copy: “Sometimes it happens between vp and evp. Sometimes between day care and the veterinar ian. But no matter where it happens, it does happen. You start planning for more than one future. … You’ve got to be personally invested.”

In a spot about retirement services, a voiceover says, “Yeah, you’re gonna roll over your 401(k). You’re just gonna make sure it doesn’t roll over and play dead.” Print is also in the mix.

Fidelity spends nearly $100 million annually on ads, per CMR, and last summer shifted its business to Boston’s Arnold from crosstown shop Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos. Fidelity’s in-house ad unit also works on elements of the “Personally invested” campaign.