Fidelity Tells Consumers: ‘Turn Here’

NEW YORK Fidelity Investments launched a new advertising campaign today introducing the tagline “Turn here,” which succeeds the long-held “Smart move” as the mutual fund company’s slogan.

The campaign, created by Arnold in Boston, stresses how the mutual funds company can help Americans assess and manage their financial lives and includes a new “Life Stage” micro site that offers tools for various situations such as “changing jobs” or “getting ready for retirement.”

“Our goal is to provide answers to investors’ questions based on their personal life stages, whether they are just starting out or living in retirement,” said James Speros, Fidelity’s chief marketing officer.
The TV commercials were directed by James Mangold, whose feature credits include 3:10 to Yuma, Walk the Line and Girl, Interrupted.

In one spot, a young couple discusses their financial future and the husband points to a Fidelity fund that allows customers to state their retirement year and investments automatically get more conservative as the date approaches.

The campaign also includes print, radio and outdoor advertising.

The client spent $200 million on ads last year, down from $266 million in ’07, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.