Ferraro to Chair 2004 AICP Show

NEW YORK Coppos Films’ Joanne Ferraro has been named to chair the 2004 Association of Independent Commercial Producers Show, “The Art and Technique of the American Television Commercial.”

The 13th annual AICP Show, held in cooperation with the Museum of Modern Art, will take place June 14. The show honors excellence in commercial advertising; participating spots are housed permanently in MoMa’s department of film and media archives.

Ferraro, managing director of Coppos Films, which has offices in New York and Los Angeles, will lead a 34-person show committee and will serve on the event’s board of governors. The latter ensures that the show follows AICP’s rules.

Ferraro joined Coppos Films as managing director in 1999; before that, she was executive producer at Stoney Road’s Nitro Films and M-80.

Previous chairs include Pam Tarr, president and executive producer at Squeak Pictures, and Diane McArter, founder and executive producer at Omaha Pictures.