Fernandez Leaves Atlanta Shop

With the departure of creative director Rudy Fernandez, Turner Fernandez Turner has reverted to Turner and Turner. Replacing Fernandez is Lee Gipson.

“Rudy came to me months ago and said he just wanted to do ads,” said agency president Jamie Turner. “We had a lot of time to look at the players in this market.”

As a freelance creative director, Gipson has worked with Atlanta’s Match, where he wrote copy for Vanity Fair, and Fricks/Firestone, contributing to the Papa John’s account. His most recent work involved the Longhorn Steakhouse campaign at Scharbo, also in Atlanta.

Gipson has also served as vice president and creative director at Maris, West & Baker in Jackson, Miss., working on the state’s anti-smoking campaign.

“He can think on the highest level creatively [and] strategically,” said Turner. “We need him to sit in a business meeting with a client and understand that we sell products and services.”

After freelancing for eight years, Gipson is eager to join an agency.

“As a freelancer you have to divorce yourself emotionally from your own work because you know people are going to do things to it without you being involved in that process,” he said.

Fernandez has formed Radio Outhouse, a production company.