The Fear of D.C. Flying

By Nora FitzGerald

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Edgy print ads are the crux of Baltimore-based Eisner & Associates’ new $1.5 million campaign designed to drive home what Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) is not: stressful, harried or congested.

Illustrations showing wildly hassled, shellshocked flyers imply that the two prominent Beltway airports, Dulles and National, are more stressful than they are worth.

An ad breaking this week in USA Today states underneath the illustration by Greg Houston, ‘You can get to your meeting from any Washington airport in well under an hour. But then, it’s not how long it takes, it’s what it takes out of you.’ Body copy discusses why there are fewer problems for frequent flyers at BWI.

The campaign will include national television commercials during the third quarter, as well as spot market radio and outdoor billboards. A total of five print ads will appear in two insertions per week in USA Today.

In focus groups, Eisner & Associates discovered that most people do not think of flying to BWI when traveling to the nation’s capital. The agency also learned that many airline passengers find the two other D.C. airports problematic because of delays, crowds, security deficiencies and traffic congestion.

‘This campaign is a classic marriage of strategic planning and creative working well together,’ said Peter Gladstone, executive vice president and director of account services at Eisner & Associates. ‘The creative brainstorm was a direct lift from strategy.’

Production credits include: Bill Mitchell, creative director; Jim Nealey, art direction; and Hugh Carson, copywriter.

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