FCB in S.F. to Launch Taco Bell Ads

LOS ANGELES Taco Bell this week breaks a national campaign to introduce its Spicy Chicken Burrito, the company said.

The effort, from Foote, Cone & Belding in San Francisco, includes TV and radio ads tagged, “Filling made thrilling!” Spending could not be determined. The Yum! Brands subsidiary spent about $210 million on advertising in 2002, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

One 30-second spot for the Irvine, Calif.-based client, titled, “Venus Burrito,” shows three guys sitting in a living room, enjoying their Spicy Chicken burritos. One fellow wonders what would happen if he feeds a burrito to a potted Venus’s-flytrap. The plant devours the burrito and then wraps itself around the guy’s beverage to wash down the taste.

The Spicy Chicken Burrito—which features shredded chicken simmered in Mexican spices, seasoned rice, zesty sauce and fresh salsa, all wrapped in a soft tortilla—is available until Oct. 12 for $1.29.