FCB Goes To Pieces At 125

Foote, Cone & Belding passed the 125-year mark last week. To celebrate the occasion, the third-oldest U.S. agency hired artist Robert Silvers to create one of his unique “photo mosaics,” an image composed of myriad small photographs.
Some 1,302 FCB employees lent their faces to an image of one of the agency’s founders, Fairfax Cone (shown here). “Robert Silvers was able to mirror how FCB is made of many people from around the world, but still works as a unified agency,” said Brendan Ryan, FCB’s worldwide chairman and chief executive.
Silver’s work, via his Cambridge, Mass., company Runaway Technology, has appeared on movie posters for The Truman Show and graced the covers of Newsweek, Life and Wired magazines.
The Fairfax Cone image was incorporated into a 125th anniversary poster, created by FCB digital designer Tim Letscher, which will now hang in agency offices worldwide. Letscher originally suggested using Silvers’ work.
–Sloane Lucas