FCB Breaks MarketWatch Ads

$15 Mil. Campaign Tracks the Causes of Market Fluctuations
SAN FRANCISCO–MarketWatch.com’s new $15 million ad campaign claims the CBS Web site offers visitors “the story behind the numbers.”
Three new 30-second TV spots, via FCB Worldwide, San Francisco, hype the site as the place where investors can find key behind-the-scenes information–such as what factors led to
a mega-merger or caused a stock to crash.
The spots follow three business stories in reverse chronology, from effect to cause. The initial ad push will last though late spring.
“We’re investing in branding intended to make sure both Internet investors and newcomers know where to come when they want important financial information,” said Michele Chaboudy, MarketWatch vice president of marketing.
One spot, titled “Little Brother,” charts a stock’s rapid drop over a day. It starts by showing, among other scenes, panicked brokers encouraging clients to sell. The ad then goes back in time to show the company chief naming his clueless younger brother CEO–the reason for the stock’s poor performance.
Another spot shows how a lucky golf putt sealed a merger.
FCB creative director Kevin Gammon said the campaign is designed to position the site as the place to go for online financial news.
MarketWatch “wanted to say there are a lot of sites that can give you data, but we have reporters getting you the stories you need right now,” Gammon said.
FCB picked up the account in December. S.F. Interactive, San Francisco, previously handled the client’s creative work. K