FCB Breaks Ads For Fox Sports News

Mock Skits Humorously Tout Sports Program’s In-Depth Coverage

SAN FRANCISCO–Foote, Cone & Belding calls on pro football figures such as Miami Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson and former Chicago Bears lineman William “Refrigerator” Perry to humorously demonstrate how far the Fox Sports News crew will go to provide the most interesting sports coverage around.
Created by FCB’s office here, three 30-second TV spots broke over the holidays to promote Fox Sports News. The national program is produced by Fox Sports Net, the network’s cable sports arm. The tagline: “Fox Sports News. We are there.”
“The spots play off Fox’s innovative production techniques to prove Fox will try anything to provide more in-depth news coverage [than other network sports programs],” said Tom Seclow, FCB’s senior vice president and group management supervisor.
In one spot, a radio transmitter disguised as an olive sits atop “Refrigerator” Perry’s sandwich as the amply sized hero of Super Bowl XX negotiates a “comeback” contract with his agent. Fox Sports News commentator Kevin Frazier secretly listens in and relays the contract demands to Fox viewers, including a “box of cupcakes for every hurry” and “two deep-dish pizzas for every tackle.” The covert coverage ends abruptly when Perry eats the olive mike by mistake. But not before Frazier blurts out, “If you want to be legit, you gotta get the double cheese and the anchovies!”
In another spot, Fox Sports’ commentators watch with awe as Johnson runs up the “Clichƒ Counter” during a mock interview. A game show-style bell rings each time Johnson uses a line like, “Always remember, there’s no ‘I’ in team.”
FCB won creative projects from Fox Sports Net about a year ago. The agency’s previous campaign featured the network’s NFL Sunday broadcast team, including Ronnie Lott and Terry Bradshaw. Other shops that handle creative projects for Fox Sports and Fox Sports Net include WongDoody in Seattle and Spike/DDB in New York.