family ride

Traverse City, Mich., 255 miles north of Detroit, may seem an unlikely place for an auto-related account. But Karl Bastian of Ambush Creative in the state’s far northern city used contacts from his former jobs in the Motor City to land business from the Walter P. Chrysler Museum.

Bastian’s task was to make the auto museum an attraction to more than the hard-core enthusiasts drawn by classic cars. “Now they want ads directed toward moms and families,” he said.

Visuals in Ambush’s outdoor work continue to show vintage Chryslers, but copy clearly is not written for gearheads. An image of an older sports car employs text that reads, “Your little boy will love it here. So will your son.” Another execution, showing the racy Dodge Viper, reads, “It seats two, but your whole family will get into it.”

Billboards will go up in June on major highways around Detroit, while outdoor ads will also run in shopping mall kiosks. Radio is also in the mix.