Familial Workplace

True or false: Skilled and talented workers can always find jobs. Your answer may depend on whether you’re an employer or an employee. In a new Roper ASW surveyconducted for Randstat North America, 72 percent of employers held this cheery opinion, compared with 60 percent of employees. In fact, 56 percent of workers “believe the idea that there are a lot of good job opportunities out there is a myth.” That helps explain why the number of employees who say they’re always looking for a better job has fallen from 39 percent in 2000 to 30 percent now. Of course, many workers are happy to stick with the jobs they’ve got, irrespective of the economy. Sixty-five percent of workers said they’re “loyal employees,” though “just 50 percent of employers believe their employees are loyal.” Another section of the survey asked employers and employees of different-sized companies whether they’re interested in having a sense of family in the workplace. Among workers, the proportion who feel that way was quite consistent (at about two-thirds of those polled) regardless of company size. Among employers, though, the desire to have a sense of family at work was much more in evidence at small companies (76 percent) than at medium-size (67 percent) or large ones (49 percent).