Fallon to Tout Healthy Choices for Subway

CHICAGO Fallon’s first work for Subway will be built around the concept that eating healthy at Subway can erase bad behaviors, according to attendees at the fast food company’s annual convention.

According to one attendee, one concept involved a man questioning a female coworker about her choice to ride a horse through the office. She brushes off the inquiry by stating she just had a Subway sandwich.

Spokesman Jared Fogle will also appear in humor-themed spots in which people ask Jared what he would do in certain situations, like jumping out of an airplane, according to a source present at the conference.

The campaign is expected to keep the “Eat fresh” tagline, attendees said. Fallon in Minneapolis won creative duties on the $220 million account in July after a review. Officials from Fallon and the Milford, Conn.-based, company could not immediately be reached. Media duties are handled by Grey Global Group’s MediaCom.