The Eyes Have It

CEO portraits predominate in a new campaign for Cushman & Wakefield that seeks to show how the commercial real estate company’s services go beyond “the typical bricks-and-mortar transaction.”

The print effort, by Gil lespie in Princeton, N.J., features striking images of the faces of various men and women, most of which were shot by Gregory Heisler, known for his Time cover portraits of people such as Napster’s Shawn Fanning.

One ad shows the eye and nose of a fellow’s inquisitive face by copy that reads, “Increase earnings. Reduce taxes. Maximize operational efficiency. And you thought real estate was just about real estate.” Copy then describes how the New York-based company’s analyses and other services can be used to help businesses grow.

The new tagline: “Always thinking.”

“The purpose of the cam paign is to educate top-level management in the Fortune 1000 [about the client],” said David Huehnergarth, Gillespie managing partner.

The eye imagery, said Arlene Distel, creative group head, is meant to convey “the intensity, the vision of the company.”

The ads, which broke last month, are running in publications such as Forbes, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.