Every Song Passenger Flies Solo

NEW YORK Low-fare airline Song and ad agency SS+K yesterday broke a spot that will tout the carrier in Boston and San Francisco, two of the cities in which Song has launched its first coast-to-coast service. The flights will also service Los Angeles.

The ad, set to the Wallflowers’ “All Things New Again,” tells customers that for each of a flight’s 199 seats, there are 199 unique experiences for passengers.

“Instead of providing a uniform cookie-cutter experience, Song lets each passenger design his or her own individual fight,” said Marty Cooke, creative partner at the independent New York agency. “Our new campaign is designed to bring this alternative form of air travel to life.”

In the 30-second spot, called “Touch,” a young woman enjoys an organic salad in a computer-generated restaurant booth before reaching toward the screen and touching it with her index finger. She is replaced by the image of a young couple watching a movie in a theater, but when the young man touches the invisible screen, a boy playing video games on his living room floor appears instead. Buck in Los Angeles created the computer-generated environments in the ad, including the airplane’s interior.

The ad then pans through the rows of a Song flight, showing each of the people enjoying the same amenities on the plane. Onscreen text urges viewers to “Discover” organic food, Dish Network TV and more than 1,600 MP3s available on Song flights.

“Everything runs through the screen,” said copywriter Marc Lucas, describing the touch screens embedded in the back of plane seats. “It’s a nice device that pulls together the disparate people doing disparate things.”

Three 15-second executions, until now shown only in-flight, will also air in those markets. The ads, accompanied by music from Better than Ezra and Jaguar Wright, show fresh foods being loaded into the luggage compartment of a passenger jet; an air traffic controller simulating movie searchlights with his light sticks; and a jet’s nose bouncing up and down like a low-rider automobile to promote fresh food, movies on demand and MP3 selection, respectively.

The ad will air in Boston and San Francisco on network shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Alias and The OC. Campaign spending is undisclosed.