Estroven Ads Beckon: Come to Menopauseland

NEW YORK Few women look forward to menopause, but Amerifit wants to make Menopauseland a popular destination with a $20 million campaign for its Estroven supplement.

The effort, via BrandBuzz, New York, describes a metaphorical place where women are unburdened by the effects of menopause thanks to Estroven, an over-the-counter supplement made up of all-natural ingredients such as soy and black cohosh, plus vitamin D.

The campaign includes 15- and 30-second television commercials, print and online revolving around a postcard image from a woman to a friend describing how Estroven has helped her in the journey to Menopauseland, where the sun shines and dark clouds are short-lived.

“Our extensive market research showed us that women in this life stage are celebrating their achievements and if they can keep the symptoms of menopause at bay, they are happier now than they were when they were younger,” said Steve Swenson, director of marketing at Amerifit Brands, Cromwell, Conn., in a statement. “Menopauseland is a place where women successfully navigate around their symptoms of menopause and are able to embrace this new phase of life.”