Escorts, Lawyers In The Same Boat

An apparently deliberate misprint in the Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages of Morris County, N.J., has some residents there frustrated as the telephone listings for several local law firms have been switched with those of area escort agencies.
The errors seem to have originated at Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages’ graphic center, located outside Valley Forge, Pa.
One ad (shown here) for Victoria’s Agency Escort Service, West Paterson, N.J., tagged “It’s what you deserve,” and with copy reading “minutes from your hotel or home,” lists the telephone number for legal firm Einhorn, Harris, Ascher, Barbarito, Frost & Ironson, Denville, N.J.
Bell Atlantic’s internal security division is in the process of hunting down the culprits. The attorneys and escort services involved would not return phone calls.
No one involved seems to be embracing the humor of the situation-lawsuits against Bell Atlantic, from both the legal and the loving parties involved, have been mentioned.