An Entrepreneurial Streak

By Sarah Jones

BOSTON–When Elizabeth Graham Cook was contemplating becoming the Advertising Club of Greater Boston’s executive director 15 years ago, Arnold Advertising’s patriarch Arnold Rosoff warned her, ‘You have to be willing to lick stamps if you take this job.’

Cook admits the job requirements have changed slightly since then, but two traits she says her successor needs are an entrepreneurial streak and the ability to organize. Critics hope the successor has the ability to organize less costly events, but Cook defended her reign as club president.

‘We’ve endeavored to provide things for everybody,’ Cook said. ‘(The events) we do charge $100-115 for are packed full of information. Seminars cost money, but for people who can’t afford to go, we tape them, and anyone is more than welcome to come by and listen.’

Boston executive search firm Isaacson, Miller is overseeing the hunt for Cook’s replacement.

The search committee, chaired by Mullen chief executive officer Joe Grimaldi, consists of Phyllis Wasserman of Staples; Mary Jane Petrone of The Boston Globe; United Lithographs’ Lenny Bernheimer; Carol Bolling of WCVB-TV; and Bink Garrison, chairman of Ingalls Advertising.

Cook wants to make it clear, however, that she is not going anywhere until January 31, primarily to oversee the ad club’s annual auction. After that, it’s back to the books in Cambridge.

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