EDS Gets Specific in Latest Ads

Electronic Data Systems tones down its approach in new advertising that is intended to better define the company’s offerings to business consumers.

Previous ads from Fallon in Minneapolis drew upon broad metaphors—cowboys herding cats, an airplane being built in midflight—to illustrate how the company solves complex problems.

The new approach, apparent in ads that broke during the Winter Olympics’ opening ceremonies and will run throughout the Games, is meant to more clearly express the specifics of the company’s services.

“The strategy of what we wanted to say lent itself to a more extended effort” such as the Olympics, Fallon president and executive creative director David Lubars said.

Four spots are set to air a total of 58 times over the 17-day course of the Games. In one spot, desperate IT workers are seen on the street offering a cab driver, garbagemen, a man in a chicken suit and others “$100 for 15 minutes of work”—an apparent attempt to make their IT department look bigger. The spot concludes with a voiceover asking, “Need help with your IT outsourcing?”

The ads continue the tagline, “EDS solved.” But they also include specific product offerings addressed in the spots.