Duffy’s the Last Shop Standing

Hits Paintball Bull’s Eye Following a Review
BOSTON–Duffy & Shanley has emerged victorious from the battle for Paintball News Corp.
The Providence, R.I., agency beat out Harpell/Martins & Co. in Maynard, Mass.; Pyxis Creative Group in Leominster, Mass.; and KSV in Burlington, Vt., for creative chores on the account. The budget is expected to be $2 million.
Tom Davis + Co. in Lexington, Mass., pulled out of the competition before its conclusion after executives questioned whether spending levels would be as high as pledged, an agency representative said.
There was no incumbent. Media planning and buying will be handled through PriMedia in Warwick, R.I., according to David Hutcherson, the client’s vice president of corporate sales and partnership marketing.
Although Hutcherson said he had not yet assigned public relations or Internet chores, KSV is expected to pick up some public relations work, according to sources.
Hutcherson said he felt a “synergy” with Duffy & Shanley new business manager John Duffy and was impressed with the agency’s sports marketing experience. The shop “was very interested in addressing my needs,” Duffy said.
Duffy & Shanley officials were scheduled to present ads to Hutcherson last Friday, he said, with a campaign to debut this fall.
Based in Hillsboro, N.H., the company manages a national network of sites where the game is played and publishes Paintball News.
Paintball involves opposing teams trying to eliminate players by marking them with paint-filled pellets shot from guns. –with David Gianatasio